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Hanlé Barnard is an acclaimed voice coach, voice artist, actress, writer and motivational speaker.  Hanlé studied at The University of Cape Town where she completed her Performance Diploma under Geoffrey Hyland and Mark Fleishman. In her final year at UCT she was cast as lead in Hamlet, a ground breaking gender reversal of the role, which attracted international attention and which resulted in her touring Cananda and Australia with a one-woman show, Sabina's Splendid Brain, directed by Canadian Nina Aresenault.

Hanlé has enjoyed both success as an actor and as a voice artist. Her voice is featured in many national and international adverts, both on Radio and Television, including the controversial series ZANews. She is currently a DJ on Radio Helderberg.


Hanlé believes the voice is a mighty instrument and can enable self- empowerment and confidence, when used correctly. Through useful techniques, Hanlé uses simple tools and methods to assist in utilising the voice as necessary vehicle to install confidence, win clients and people over in both a personal and business capacity.

Her motivational philosophy is grounded in a strong belief that disappointments, rejections and suffering, as well as past experiences, when used well,  can  shape your destiny and success and useful learning tools. She believes that these experiences are golden opportunities to install necessary lessons and enhances gifts to master your future. Her philosophy has been welcomes by magazines like Finesse. 

Hanle believes that the voice and learning is mastered through experience.

Hanle often uses music to portray her ideas and believes that we have all been blessed with gifts, and when used and recognize will equip us to overcome obstacles and shape your life in a positive way. No experience or suffering is without purpose. They equip us, shape us and are blessings to shape us into diamonds we will ultimately become and discover out true identity. 

Hanlé Barnard

Voice Coach & Motivational Speaker

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“Your voice is your unique tool, powerful and convincing”

-Hanlé Barnard


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